Hi there! My name is Heather. I'm a mom, a wife, and an artist. 

1. Guilty Pleasure: Watching romantic comedies alone so I can laugh/cry if I want to.
2. Morning or Night Owl: Neither, but I would much rather stay up late.
3. Biggest Flaw/Weakness: Procrastination due to perfectionism.
4. Disneyland or California Adventure: Disneyland forever.
5. Favorite LDS Temple: San Diego, CA & Nauvoo, IL.
6. Favorite Food: I'll take one of everything please.
7. Dream Vacation: Walt Disney World, or Hawaii.
8. Beach or Snow: Beach, all day everyday.
9. Favorite Medium:
Pencil and paper.

10. Most Hated Chore: Laundry.

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